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Complete listing of my CD collection. Please keep in mind that none of these items are for sale. I'm willing to make recordings, though, if you have something of interest for me, or will even trade items for other stuff if appropriate ( for this purpose check my want list ). Feel free to ask if interested in anything. Click here for lists of other stuff that I have for trade. To contact me click here or use the "contact Plasmatzee" fuctionality below. Cheers, Plasmatzee.

Vollständige Auflistung meiner CD-Sammlung. Bitte beachten: Die aufgeführten Sachen stehen nicht zum Verkauf ! Ich bin jedoch bereit, im Tausch gegen anderes (siehe hierzu meine Suchliste) Aufnahmen zu machen oder mich in bestimmten Fällen sogar von CDs zu trennen. Bei Interesse einfach nachfragen ! Weitere Aufnahmen, die zum Tausch stehen, findet Ihr hier. Bei Interesse könnt Ihr hier Kontakt mit mir aufnehmen oder Euch einfach der "contact Plasmatzee" - Funktionalität am Ende dieser Seite bedienen. Bis dann, Plasmatzee.

$400 SUITS Never Give What You Can't Take Back (promo) Century Media CD 1997

108 Curse Of Instinct Lost & Found MCD 1996

108 One Path For Me Through Destiny Lost & Found CD 1997

108 Three Fold Misery (promo) Lost & Found Records CD 1996

25 TA LIFE Keepin' It Real We Bite Records CD 199?

25 TA LIFE Strength Through Unity Good Life Recordings CD 199?

45 GRAVE Debasement Tapes Cleopatra Records CD 1993

45 GRAVE Autopsy Restless Records CD 1987

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45 GRAVE Only The Good Die Young (live) Restless Records CD 1989

45 GRAVE Sleep In Safety Restless Records CD 1993

59 TIMES THE PAIN Even More Out Of Today Burning Heart Records MCD 1995

ABREAST N.G. Isolation (promo) Lost & Found Records CD 199?

ACCUSED (THE) 34-Song Archives Tapes / Vol. 1 1981 - 1986 | Condar Record CD 2005 / 2006

ACCUSED (THE) Martha Splatterhead's Maddes Stories Ever Told | Combat Records CD 1988

ACCUSED (THE) Grinning Like An Undertaker | Nastymix Records CD 1990

ACCUSED (THE) Splatter Rock | Nastymix Records CD 1992

ACCUSED (THE) Straight Razor (promo) | Nastymix Records CD 1991

ACROSS THE BORDER But Life Is Boring, Sir, Without Committing... Wolverine Records CD 1997

ACROSS THE BORDER Crusty Folk Music For Smelly People Wolverine Records CD 1996*

ADRENALIN O.D. A.O.D. Themes - Rare & Unreleased 1982 Demos Munster Records CD 1982* / 2001?

ADRENALIN O.D. Sittin' Pretty Grand Theft Audio CD 1995

ADRENALIN O.D. The Wacky Hi-Jinks Of...Adrenalin O.D. / Humungousfungusamongus Buy Our Records 001 CD 1989

ADRENALIN O.D. Humungousfungusamongus Relapse Records / Buy Our Records CD 1985* / 2004

ADRENALIN O.D. Ishtar Restless Records CD 1990

AGNOSTIC FRONT Cause For Alarm Fono Ltd. CD 1986* / 2004

AGNOSTIC FRONT One Voice Relativity/Roadrunner CD 1992

ALASTIS The Other Side (promo) Century Media CD 1997

ALL OUT WAR Truth In The Age Of Lies Gain Ground CD 1997

ALL Mass Nerder (promo) Epitaph Europe CD 1998

ALTERED STATE Designer Reality Cargo Records MCD 1995*

ANGKOR WAT When Obscenity Becomes The Norm... Awake + Corpus Christi Metal Blade USA CD 1993

ANGKOR WAT When Obscenity Becomes The Norm... Awake (entire album incl. lyrics, NO punch hole)
Death Records / Restless Records CD 1989

ANOTHER TALE Chords In Blue Hyperium Records CD 1995

ANTHRAX Fistful Of Metal / Armed And Dangerous Steamhammer/SPV CD 1998

ANTHRAX Fistful Of Metal Caroline Records CD 1989

ANTHRAX Fistful Of Metal Caroline / Megaforce CD 1991

ANTHRAX Spreading The Disease Island Records CD 1985

ANTISEEN Here To Ruin Your Groove Rebel Records CD 1996

ANVIL Absolutely No Alternative (promo) Massacre Records CD 1997

ANVIL Forged In Fire Attic Records CD 1983*

ANVIL Speed Of Sound (promo) Massacre Records CD 1998

APOLOGY Pass You By Lost & Found CD 1995

APT. 3G New Hope For The Dead Bitzcore CD 1994

ARCANA Dark Age Of Reason (promo) Cold Meat Industry CD 1996

ARTILLERY Deadly Relics Mighty Music Production CD 1998?

ARCANTA The Eternal Return (promo) Project Records CD ?

ATARAXIA Concerto No. 6: A Baroque Plaisanterie (promo) Apollyon Records CD 1996

ATARAXIA The Moon Sang On The April Chair (promo) Apollyon Records CD 1995

ATROCITY FEAT. YASMIN Calling The Rain Massacre Records CD 1995

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT American Paranoia & More Bitzcore CD 1993

AUKTYON + KHVOST ? Dadnowka? Records CD ?

AUKTYON + KHVOST Pot Of Whine BSA Records CD 1991?

AUKTYON Asshole BSA Records CD 1991?

AUKTYON Bodun SNC Records CD 1991*

AUKTYON Comment Je Suis Devenu Un Traitre [How I Became A Traitor] Off The Track Records CD 1989

AUKTYON Comment Je Suis Devenu Un Traitre (Russian Version) Dadnowka Records CD 1995

AUKTYON Ptiza (4-track promo) Dadnowka Records MCD ?

AUKTYON Ptiza Most / Dadnowka Records CD ?

AUTUMN The Hating Tree Tess Records CD ?

AVENGERS Open Your Eyes (bootleg, live) ??? CD 199?

B.F.! All Bets Are Off (promo) Kingfischer Records CD 1997

BAD DREAMS ALWAYS Despised And Scornful Earth Records Inc. MCD 1994

BAD DREAMS ALWAYS Panichead Earth Records Inc. MCD 1996*

BAD GENES (THE) Falafel In Kreuzberg OX Productions CD 1996*

BAD NEWS The Cash In Compilation Dojo Limited CD 1993

BAD RELIGION Live & Alive (live 1993, bootleg) PR Records CD ?

BAUHAUS In The Flat Field 4AD CD 1980?

BEATSTEAKS Achtundvierzig Neunundvierzig (48/49) XNO Records CD 1997*

BEEFEATER Plays For Lovers + House Burning Down Dischord CD 1991?

BETTER THAN A THOUSAND Value Driven Bandlabel CD 1998*

BIG BOYS The Fat Elvis Touch & Go CD 1993

BIG BOYS The Skinny Elvis Touch & Go CD 1993

BIG BOYS Wreck Collection + 16 Gern Blandsten Records CD 2002

BIOHAZARD Mata Leo (promo) BIG BOYS The Skinny Elvis Touch & Go CD 1993

Warner Records CD 1996

BLACK FLAG Damaged SST Records CD 1980*/1981*

BLACKFOOT Highway Song Live Wounded Bird Records CD 1982/2002

BLACK SABBATH Born Again Castle Communications CD 1996

BLACK SABBATH Born Again Sanctuary / Universal 2 CD 1983* / 2011

BLACK SABBATH Born Again Unmixed Demos & 'The Fallen' Power Gate CD 2004

BLAGGERS On Yer Toez Mad Butcher Classics CD ?

BLAST Blood! / Schools Out 7" SST Records CD 1987?

BLAST It's In My Blood / Schools Out 7" SST Records CD 1987?

BLAST Power Of Expression SST Records CD 1987?

BLISS Sin To Skin (promo) Massacre Records CD 1998

BLESSED DEATH Kill Or Be Killed / Destined For Extinction - 1 Old Metal Records CD 1998

BLESSED DEATH Kill Or Be Killed + 6 Old Metal Records CD 2002

BLESSED DEATH Destined For Extinction + 7 Picoroco / Old Metal Records CD 2004

BLESSED DEATH Hour Of Pain Blessed Death Productions CD 1991* / 2006

2018 | Death Noise Records CD 2019

BLOODING MASK What That Hollow Shows Through (promo) Antiphon Records CD 1996

BLOW HARD Blown Off Do It! Records CD 1994

BLOW HARD Hornbag Do It! Records CD 1996

BORN FOR BLISS Flowing With The Flue Death Wish Office CD ?

BOUNCING SOULS (THE) Bouncing Souls (promo) Epitaph Europe CD 1997

BROTHERS KEEPER The Continuum We Bite Records CD 199?

BRATS 1980 Brats Diamond Records CD 1980*/2007?

BURNING HEAD Be One With The Flames Epitaph Europe CD 1998

BURST Shadowcaster Melon Records CD 1996*

BUTTERGLOVE The John Morand Session Speed Kills Records CD 1989 / 1997

C.I.A. Gods, Guts, Guns Lost & Found Records MCD 1997

C4AM95 Home Taping Is Recording Music Frenetic Records CD 1997

CARCASS Wake Up And Smell The Carcass (promo) Earache Records CD 1996

CASKET Emotions... Dreams Or Reality... (promo) Serenades Records CD 199?

CASKET Tomorrow (promo) Serenades Records CD 1997

CATAMENIA Halls Of Frozen North (promo) Massacre Records CD 1998

CEMETARY OF SCREAM Deeppression (promo) Serenades Records CD 1997

CEMETARY Sweetest Tragedies Black Mark Records CD 1998

CHARTA 77 Before The Rain Birdnest Records CD 1996*

CHARTA 77 N Annorlunda Birdnest Records CD ?

CHRIST AGONY Darkside (promo) ? CD ?

CHRISTIAN DEATH A Catastrophe Ballet With Rhapsody of... Contempo Records CD 1984*

CHRISTIAN DEATH Amen (promo) Century Media DCD 1995

CHRISTIAN DEATH Amen Century Media DCD 1995

CHRISTIAN DEATH Ashes (early edition without barcode) Normal Records CD 1985

CHRISTIAN DEATH Atrocities (without barcode) Normal Records CD 1986

CHRISTIAN DEATH Catastrophe Ballet Normal Records CD 1984*

CHRISTIAN DEATH Death In Detroit Cleopatra Records CD 1995

CHRISTIAN DEATH Iconologia Triple X Records CD 1993

CHRISTIAN DEATH Invocations (1981 - 1989) Cleopatra Records CD 1993

CHRISTIAN DEATH Mandylion Apollyon Records CD 1993

CHRISTIAN DEATH Only Theatre Of Pain / Deathwish Frontier Records CD 1982

CHRISTIAN DEATH Prophecies Jungle Records CD 1996

CHRISTIAN DEATH Sex & Drugs & Jesus Christ Jungle Records CD 1995

CHRISTIAN DEATH Sexy Death God Bullet Proof Records CD 1994

CHRISTIAN DEATH Sleepless Nights (Live 1990) Cleopatra Records CD 1993

CHRISTIAN DEATH Tales Of Innocence, A Continued Anthology Cleopatra Records CD ?

CHRISTIAN DEATH The Decomposition Of Violets (live) Contempo Records CD 1985?

CHRISTIAN DEATH The Doll's Theatre (Live Oct. 31. 1981) Cleopatra Records CD 1994

CHRISTIAN DEATH The Iron Mask (purple cloth bag, ltd. 1.500) Cleopatra Records CD 1992

CHRISTIAN DEATH The Iron Mask Cleopatra Records CD 1992

CHRISTIAN DEATH The Path Of Sorrows Cleopatra Records CD 1993

CHRISTIAN DEATH The Rage Of Angels Cleopatra Records CD 1994

CHRISTIAN DEATH The Wind Kissed Pictures (Past & Present) Normal Records CD ?

CHRISTIAN DEATH The Wind Kissed Pictures (Past & Present) Supporti Fonografici CD ?


CHRYSTAL LAKE Violent Vision Blue (photocopy promo) Inri Records CD 199?

CIRCLE JERKS Wonderful Combat Core CD 1985

CIRCLE JERKS Group Sex / Wild In The Streets Frontier Records 198?

CIVIL DEFIANCE The Fishers For Souls Dream Circle Records CD 1996

CIVIL DEFIANCE Circus Of Fear Nuclear Blast Records CD 1999

CLAIR OBSCUR A Collection Of Isolated Tracks 1982-1988 Apocalyptic Vision CD 1982-1988*

CLAIR OBSCUR Sans Titre, 1992 Apocalyptic Vision CD 1997

CONGRESS Blackened Persistance (+ CD-Rom bonus) Good Life Recordings CD ???

CONSOLIDATED Brutal Equation Nettwerk Europe MCD 1991

THE CONSUMERS All My Friends Are Dead CD 1977/2001

CONVERGE Caring And Killing Lost & Found CD 1994*/1995*

CORAL V/A - Teen Beat 50 | Matador Records CD 1993 [feat. track : "Merry Go Round"]

CORAL Pillowtalk Fistpuppet Records CD 1993*/1994*

CORAL Altamont In Dub Fistpuppet Records CD 1994*/1995* / 1996

?CONDEMNED? Condemned 2 Death Nuclear Blast 2 CD 1983*-2011* / 2011

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Eye For An Eye / Six Songs With Mike Singing Product Inc. Records CD 1990 (picture)

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Animosity Metal Blade Records CD 1992

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Blind Roadrunner Records CD 1991

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Technocracy (+4) Metal Blade Records CD 1992

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Vote With A Bullet Relativity/Roadrunner MCD 1992

CRAMPS (THE) Big Beat From Badsville (promo) Epitaph Europe CD 1997

CREMATORY Awake (promo) Nuclear Blast Records CD 1997

CRO MAGS Best Wishes ZYX Metallic CD 19??

CROWBAR Broken Glass Bullet Proof Records CD 1996

CRUMBSUCKERS Life Of Dreams / Beast On My Back Rough Justice/MFN CD 1986/1988 / 1991

CURE (THE) Inbetween Days (live, bootleg) Swingin' Pig Records CD 1985*

CURE (THE) Kiss Me Fiction Records CD 1987

CURE (THE) Wish Fiction Records CD 1992

DAMNATION A.D. No More Dreams Of Happy Endings Lost & Found CD 1995

DAMNED (THE) Damned Damned Damned Frontier Records CD 1989

DAMNED (THE) I'm Alright Jack And The Beanstalk Musical Tragedies CD 199?

DANZIG Live & Alive (Live Netherlands 1992, bootleg) PR Records CD ?

SHELLSHOCK / DARK ANGEL Into The Inferno 1983 Demo / Hells On Its Knees Demo 1984 West Coast Rocker Records CD 1983* / 1984* / 2009

DARK ANGEL Thrashcan Tracks CD 1983*/1985* / 2004

DARK ANGEL Live In Germany 1991 CD 1991* / 2004

DARK ANGEL Arrival Of Darkness CD 1985*/1989* / 2004

DARK ANGEL We Have Arrived Dark Realm Records CD 1984

DARK ANGEL Darkness Descends Century Media CD 1986

DARK ANGEL Leave Scars Century Media CD 1989

DARK ANGEL Time Does Not Heal Century Media CD 1990

DAS KLOWN Live At Zed Know Records CD 1997

DAYGLO ABORTIONS Corporate Whores God Records CD 1996

DAYGLO ABORTIONS Feed Us A Fetus Fringe Records CD 1986

DAYGLO ABORTIONS Little Man In The Canoe God Records CD 1995

DEAD CAN DANCE Spleen And Ideal 4AD CD 1985*

DEAD CAN DANCE Boxed Set 1981 - 1998 4AD 3CD/1DVD (PAL) 2002

DEAD KENNEDYS Live & Alive (New York, June 16th 1984) PR Records CD ?

DEAD KENNEDYS Plastic Surgery Disasters + In God We... Alternative Tentacles CD 1981 + 1982

DEAD MOULD Polymog Rebel Records CD 1996

DEEP FYNDE (THE) City Lights (promo) Apollyon Records CD 1995

DELERIUM (promo) Synthetic Symphony/SPV CD 1997

DEMON JOKER JUNIOR Once In A Blue Moon Lost & Found CD 1997

DESIRE There Where Candles Fade... (promo) Noxious Records CD 1998

DESPERTAR Llegando Carisma Records CD ?

DETENTE Recognize No Authority Roadracer Records CD 1990

DETENTE Recognize No Authority [plus demos] Xtreem Music 2x CD 2014

DIABOLIQUE Wedding The Grotesque Sun Records CD 1997

DIAMANDA GALAS Plague Mass Mute Records CD 1991

DIAMANDA GALAS The Divine Punishment & Saint Of The Pit Mute Records CD 1988

DIE KOLPORTEURE Wahn Oder Wahr Amoebenklang CD 1997

DIE KREUZEN Gone Away EP + 10 Touch & Go CD 09/24/1990

DIE KREUZEN Die Kreuzen / October File Touch & Go CD 1984*/1986* / 1998

DIE KREUZEN Century Days Touch & Go CD 1988


DIE LETZTE INSTANZ Brachial Romantik (promo) Costbar Records CD 1997

DIE SCHNITTER Arg (promo) Costbar Records CD 1998

DISSECTION Storm Of The Light's Bane (promo) Nuclear Blast Records CD 1995

DREAMS OF SANITY Komoedia (promo) Hall Of Sermon CD 1997

DRESDEN 45 Paradise Lost +8 (expanded) ltd. 1.000 Arclight Records CD 2003

DROOLER Myself XNO Records CD 1996

DUNKELGRAFEN Schatten Der Ewigkeit (promo) Last Episode Records CD 1998

DWARVES (THE) The Dwarves (promo) Epitaph Europe CD 1997

EINSTUERZENDE NEUBAUTEN Ende Neu (+ computer bonus track) Our Choice Records CD 1996

EINSTUERZENDE NEUBAUTEN Haus Der Luege Rough Trade CD 1989

EINSTUERZENDE NEUBAUTEN Strategies Against Architecture II Rough Trade Records DCD 1991

ELD Carved (promo) 1357 Recs. ? CD 1993*/1994*

ENDLESS Beyond The Abyss (promo) Spirit Production CD 1994

ENGELSSTAUB Unholy (promo without cover) Apollyon Records CD 1992*-1997*

EROSION Down... We Bite Records CD 1995

EROSION Mortal Agony We Bite Records CD 1988

EVA O HALO EXPERIENCE Demons Fall For An Angels Kiss Cleopatra Records CD 1994

EVA O Past Time Cleopatra Records CD 1993


EVEREVE Seasons (promo) Nuclear Blast Records CD 1996

EXCEL Split Image Rotten Records CD 2000 (+ 11)

EXCEL The Joke's On You Rotten Records CD 2001 (+ 5 +1)

EXODUS Bonded By Blood +2 Century Media CD 1999

EXODUS Bonded By Baloff Volve Records CD 1981*/1983*/1985*/1986* / 2002

EXODUS Another Lesson In Violence Century Media CD 1997

EXP Debut (promo) Hollows Hill Sound Rec. CD 1996

EXPLOITED (THE) Punk Singles & Rarities Captain Oi! CD 2001

EXPLOITED (THE) Troops Of Tomorrow + 5 Captain Oi! CD 1982* / 2001

EXPLOITED (THE) Beat The Bastards Rough Justice CD 1996

FAIRIES FORTUNE Snowfish Gymnastic Records CD 1995

FAITH AND THE MUSE Annwyn, Beneath The Waves Tess Records CD 1996

FALSE PROPHETS Invisible People Cargo Records CD 199?

FATAL OPERA Fatal Opera | Massacre Records CD 1995*

FATAL OPERA Fatal Opera | Divebomb Records CD [2017 remaster w/2 bonus tracks, ltd. 1,000] 1995* / 2017

FATAL OPERA The Eleventh Hour | Divebomb Records 2 CD [original version + 2017 remaster w/bonus track, ltd. 1,000] 1997* / 2017*

FATES WARNING Still Life (promo) Massacre Records DCD 1998

FEAR OF GOD Within The Veil Warner CD 1991

FEAR OF GOD Toxic Voodoo Bullet Proof Records CD 1994

FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert Windsong Records CD 1992

FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM Dark Fields (bootleg, live) Bundy Records CD 1993

FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM Dawnrazor Rebel Records CD 1986/87*

FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM Fields Of The Nephilim Rebel Records CD 1988

FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM Laura Contempo Records CD 1985/86*

FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM Martyr (bootleg, live) Make Me Smile CD 1992

FINAL CONFLICT Ashes To Ashes (+6) Relapse Records CD 1994

FINAL CONFLICT Rebirth Tacklebox Records CD 1997

FINAL CONFLICT The American Scream (+?) Nemesis Records CD 1992*

FITZGERALDS (THE) Ninja Boys Ampersand Records CD 1996*

FLAG OF DEMOCRACY (F.O.D.) Everything Sucks Bitzcore CD 1996

FLAG OF DEMOCRACY (F.O.D.) Hate Rock Bitzcore CD 1994

FLEISCHLEGO Reiche Schweine Flight 13 CD 1994

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM Doomsday For The Deceiver +1 Metal Blade/SPV CD 1986* / 1994

FLOWING TEARS & ... Swansongs (promo) Seven Art Music CD 1996

FORBIDDEN SITE Sturm Und Drang (promo) Solstitium Records CD 199?

FORBIDDEN Green Gun Records CD 1996

FORSTH Helvetic War (promo) Last Episode Records CD 1997

FORTHCOMING FIRE Ekhnation Hyperium Records CD 1992

FOUR ROSE SOCIETY Blueprints To Destroy The Universe Whitehouse Records CD 1996

FOUR WALLS FALLING Greed/Strength/Price Of Silence/Rampage Lost & Found Records MCD 1989*

FREEWILL Almost Again Lost & Found Records CD 1995

FREEZE (THE) Boston Wolfpack Lost & Found CD 1996

FREEZE (THE) Crawling Blind Lost & Found CD 1994

FREEZE (THE) Freak Show Lost & Found CD 1995

FREEZE (THE) Misery Loves Company Roadrunner CD 1991

FREEZE (THE) The Freeze And Killrays Lost & Found MCD 1995

FREIBURGER SPIELLEYT Tales Of Miracles / Cantigas De S. M. (promo) Glasnost Records CD 1994

GALLERY (THE) Fateful Passion (promo) Hall Of Sermon CD 1998

GARDY LOO FEAT. EL DUCE Perverts On Parade Off The Records CD 199?


GAS HUFFER Just Beautiful Music (promo) Epitaph Europe CD 1998

GATHERING (THE) Mandylion (promo) Century Media CD 1995

GATHERING (THE) Nighttime Birds (promo) Century Media CD 1997

GBH Punk Junkies We Bite Records CD 1996*

GBH Church Of The Truly Warped Rough Justice / Music For Nations CD 1992*

GIANTS CAUSEWAY Destination: Insecure (promo) Serenades Records CD 1998

GIANTS CAUSEWAY Is There Any Way? Massacre Records CD 1995

GITANE DEMONE Lullabies For A Troubled World Cult Music MCD 1993

GITANE DEMONE With Love & Dementia (Live Cannes 1994) Hypnobeat Records CD 1995

GITANE DEMONE Am I Wrong? Apollyon Records (Promo) CD 1998

GOONS (THE) Living In America Torque Records CD 1998

GREEN RIVER Come On Down Homestead Records CD 1985

GREEN RIVER Dry As A Bone / Rehab Doll + 3 Sub Pop Records CD 1987/1988*

GRINCH The Blacking Factory Rough Trade Records CD 1992

GRIP INC. Nemesis Steamhammer Records CD 1997

GRIP INC. Power Of Inner Strength (promo) Steamhammer Records CD 1994

GRIP INC. Power Of Inner Strength Steamhammer Records CD 1995

GWAR America Must Be Destroyed Metal Blade Records CD 1991

GWAR Carnival Of Chaos Metal Blade Records CD 1997

GWAR Hell-O (+1) Shimmy Disc Europe CD 1989

GWAR Scumdogs Of The Universe (+1) Armageddon Records CD 1990

GWAR We Kill Everything Metal Blade Records CD 1999

H2O H2O Blackout Records CD 1996

HADES Exist To Resist Art Of Music CD 1995

HADES If At First You Don't Succeed Medusa Records CD 1988

HADES Live: On Location Rising Sun CD 1991

HADES SaviorSelf (promo) Metal Blade CD 1998

HALLOWS EVE Tales Of Terror CD 1985* / 1994

HEAVENWOOD Swallow (promo) Massacre Records CD 1998

HIRAX Barrage Of Noise Deep Six Records CD 2002

HIRAX El Diablo Negro Deep Six Records MCD 2002

HIRAX Blasted In Bangkok Deep Six Records MCD 2002

HONOR ROLE Album Merge Records CD 1996

ICED EARTH Earth Burnt Offerings Century Media CD 1995

ICED EARTH Night Of The Stormrider Century Media CD 1992

ICED EARTH Something Wicked This Way Comes (promo) Century Media MCD 1998

ICED EARTH Something Wicked This Way Comes Century Media CD 1998

ICONOCLAST City Of Temptation Fang Records CD 1990

IKON A Moment In Time (promo) Apollyon Records CD 1995

INFERNAL Infernal (Nasty Ronnie of Nasty Savage fame) Crook'd Records CD 1999?

INTEGRITY Humanity Is The Devil Victory Europe CD 1996

INTO THE ABYSS Martyrium Spectre Records CD 1993

INTO THE ABYSS The Feathered Snake Glasnost Records CD 1995

IRON MAIDEN Eddie's Archive 6 CD Box [Embossed Metal Casket] Set EMI 6 x CD 2002 / 2003

IRON MAIDEN Best Of The Beast 2 CD Set + Booklet EMI 2 x CD 1996

IRON MAIDEN Flight Of Icarus / The Trooper (Japanese) EMI MCD 1990

IRON MAIDEN Iron Maiden (Japanese) EMI CD 1980*

IRON MAIDEN Iron Maiden + Bonus CD EMI DCD 1995

IRON MAIDEN Iron Maiden (enhanced CD) EMI CD 1998

IRON MAIDEN Killers (Japanese) EMI CD 1981*

IRON MAIDEN Killers + Bonus CD EMI DCD 1995

IRON MAIDEN Killers (enhanced CD) EMI CD 1998

IRON MAIDEN Killers (perfect digipak bootleg, live '81, Japan) ??? CD 2002?

IRON MAIDEN Killing Time (Bootleg, live '81, Holland) Metal Memory CD 1990

IRON MAIDEN Maiden Japan Vol. 1 (+ poster, bootleg) | Tarantura 2 CD 1981-05-21* / 08/2008

IRON MAIDEN Maiden Japan Vol. 2 (bootleg) | Tarantura 2 CD 1981-05-23* / 10/2008

IRON MAIDEN Maiden Japan Vol. 4 (bootleg) | Tarantura 2 CD 1981-05-24* (afternoon show) / 04/2012

IRON MAIDEN Maiden Japan Vol. 5 (bootleg) | Tarantura 2 CD 1981-05-24* (evening show) / 07/2017

IRON MAIDEN Number Of The Beast EMI CD 1982*

IRON MAIDEN Purgatory (Bootleg, live '81, Nagoya/Japan) Men At Work CD 1990

IRON MAIDEN Purgatory / Maiden Japan (Japanese) EMI MCD 1990

IRON MAIDEN Run To The Hills / Number Of The Beast (Japanese) EMI MCD 1990

IRON MAIDEN Running Free / Sanctuary (Japanese) EMI MCD 1990

IRON MAIDEN Piece Of Mind (enhanced CD) EMI CD 1998

IRON MAIDEN Virus 2 CD Set + Postcards (promo) EMI 2 x MCD 1996

IRON MAIDEN Women In... / Twighlight Zone (Japanese) EMI MCD 1990

JAG PANZER / STEEL PROPHET Shadow Thief DEMO / Inner Ascendance DEMO Metal Memory CD 1986*/1989* / 1992

JAG PANZER Ample Destruction / Tyrants EP No Poser Records CD 1983* / ????

JAG PANZER Ample Destruction (+1) Barricade Records CD 1983* / 1989

JAG PANZER Thane To The Throne (promo) Century Media CD 2000

JAG PANZER The Fourth Judgement Century Media CD 1997

JAG PANZER The Fourth Judgement (promo) Century Media CD 1997

JAG PANZER The Decade Of The Nail-Spiked Bat Century Media 2CD 2003

JAG PANZER Chain Of Command (limited edition?) Century Media CD 2004

JELLO BIAFRA + NO MEANS NO The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy Alternative Tentacles CD 1991

JERRY'S KIDS Marionetts/D.W.I./B.R.S./ Insanity /That's Life Lost & Found Records MCD 1997

JERUSALEM SYNDROME The Book Of Days (promo) Apollyon Records CD 1997

JOYKILLER (THE) Go Bang Epitaph MCD 1995

JOYKILLER (THE) Static Epitaph CD 1996

JOYKILLER (THE) The Joykiller Epitaph CD 1995


JOYLESS Unlimited Hate (photocopy promo) No Colours Records CD 199?

JUGHEAD'S REVENGE 13 Kiddie Favorites Do It! Records CD 1995*

JUGGERNAUT Baptism Under Fire + 7 | Maximum Metal Records CD 1986*/1999

KEMURI 77 Days Roadrunner Records CD 1999

KEMURI Little Playmate Roadrunner Records CD 1997

KEPONE Ugly Dance Quarterstick Records CD 1994

KICKBACK Forever War (promo, just one song?) Century Media CD 1997

KILLING TIME Brightside Lost & Found CD 1995

KILLING TIME The Method Blackout Records CD 1997

KING DIAMOND Voodoo (promo) Massacre Records CD 1998

KOMMUNITY FK Close One Sad Eye Cleopatra Records 1985 / 199?

KOMMUNITY FK The Vision And The Voice Cleopatra Records CD 1983 / 1994

KREATOR Endless Pain Noise International CD 1988

KREATOR Pleasure To Kill (+3) Noise International CD 1988

LAIBACH Jesus Christ Superstars Mute Records CD 1996

LAST DANCE (THE) Fairytales (promo) Apollyon Records CD 1996

LAST DANCE (THE) Tragedy (promo) Apollyon Records CD 1995

LEVELLERS (THE) Belaruse China Records MCD 1993

LEVELLERS (THE) Best Live * Headlights, Whitelines, Black... China Records CD 1996

LEVELLERS (THE) Fantasy China Records MCD 1995

LEVELLERS (THE) Levellers China Records CD 1993

LEVELLERS (THE) Mouth To Mouth (promo) China Records CD 1997

LEVELLERS (THE) See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Do Something China Records CD 1992

LEVELLERS (THE) The Julie EP China Records MCD 1994

LEVELLERS (THE) This Garden China Records MCD 1993

LEVELLERS (THE) Zeitgeist (promo) China Records CD 1995

LEVELLERS (THE) Zeitgeist Out-Takes On The Fiddle CD 1995?

LEVELLERS (THE) Zeitgeist China Records CD 1995

LEVELLERS Levellers China Records CD 1993

LIMBO MANIACS Stinky Grooves In-Effect CD 1990

LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT Kiss Apocalyptic Vision MCD 1996?

LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT Selected Scenes From The End Of The World Apocalyptic Vision CD 1996?

LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT Oddities Apocalyptic Vision CD 1998

LOSS OF CENTRE Humans Losing Humanity (promo) Glasnost Records CD 1995

LOUD Psyche 21 China Records CD 1992

LOVE IS COLDER THAN DEATH Spellbound Hyperium Records MCD 1995

LOVE LIKE BLOOD An Irony Of Fate Rebel Records CD 1992

LOVE LIKE BLOOD E.P. (promo) Hall Of Sermon CD 1998

LOVE LIKE BLOOD Exposure Rebel Records CD 1995

LOVE LIKE BLOOD Flags Of Revolution Rebel Records CD 1992

LOVE LIKE BLOOD Flood Of Love Rebel Records MCD 1993

LOVE LIKE BLOOD Love Like Blood (+ 2 live) Rebel Records CD 1993

LOVE LIKE BLOOD Sinsister Dawn / Ecstasy Rebel Records CD 1992

LOVE LIKE BLOOD Snakekiller (promo) Hall Of Sermon CD 1998

LOVE LIKE BLOOD Stormy Visions Rebel Records MCD 1993

LOVE LIKE BLOOD Taste Of Damocles (promo) Focusion Records MCD 1997

LOVE SPIRALS DOWNWARDS Ever (promo) Project Records CD 1996

LOVE SPIRALS DOWNWARDS Ever Project Records CD 1996

LUDICHRIST Immaculate Deception We Bite Records CD 1987*

LUDICHRIST Powertrip +2 We Bite Records CD 1988*

LUMMOX Natural Born Swillers Bandlabel CD ?

LYCIA Cold Project Project Records CD 1996

LYCIA Esterella Project Records CD 1998*

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